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Winter in Yellowstone

Almost 60F yesterday in Blowing Rock!  December and January are history and now it’s February with a recurring question – When is winter coming?   Read more

Carolina Captures – A Scenic Tour of North Carolina

Summer’s over and all that remains from your vacation are great memories, credit card bills and unorganized photos on your hard drive.  If you are now back in the work routine and feeling overwhelmed by your schedule with meetings and more meetings, too much email or too much schoolwork, I’ve got a special deal for you — an all-expense paid scenic tour of North Carolina.
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The Hills are Alive

I’ve always said that the ideal retirement location is one where everyone goes on vacation, that way I’d be guaranteed some visitors.   If you are a photography addict and retiring in North Carolina, it’s got to be with the steamy coast or high in the mountains.  While a week’s long vacation on the NC coast is enjoyable, the photo opportunities of just sand, surf and seabirds probably soon becomes stifling.  Meanwhile the mountains offer diversity with the changing seasons, topography, forests, wildflowers, wildlife and especially the constantly changing lighting and weather conditions.

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