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NORTH as in North Carolina

Although it’s been a mild winter, last weekend’s wild weather was a good reason why this southern state is called NORTH Carolina.  In fact, the weather was reminiscent of storms I’ve experienced in upstate NYS and the Midwest. Read more

Top of the World (….well, almost)

One of the most popular hiking destinations in the southern Appalachians is Roan Highlands.  It has a lot to offer – flaming azaleas and Catawba rhododendrons in the spring time, wildflowers such as the rare Gray’s lily in the summertime, virgin stands of Canadian spruce/fir trees, grassy mountain tops (balds) and 360 degree vistas of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee; all with a relatively short hike on the Appalachian Trail.   Three grassy balds constitute the Roan Highlands.  As one hikes north on the Appalachian Trail from Carver’s Gap, one first encounters Round Bald (5,826’), then descends into Engine Gap before climbing Jane’s Bald (5,820’) before ascending to the top of Grassy Ridge Bald (6,189’).  An up and back hike from Carver’s Gap is approximately five miles.
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