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Posts tagged ‘Roan’

The Battle of the Seasons

“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”   ― Charles Dickens in Great Expectations.   Read more

NORTH as in North Carolina

Although it’s been a mild winter, last weekend’s wild weather was a good reason why this southern state is called NORTH Carolina.  In fact, the weather was reminiscent of storms I’ve experienced in upstate NYS and the Midwest. Read more

BEFORE The Sunrise

Maybe I need to rethink the “Beyond the Sunrise” name for this photoblog and my Facebook photo page.   Read more

2011 Photos of the Year – Landscapes

A close contest for your favorite bird photosInto the Light and Bobwhite tied for top honors, each with 28% of the votes,  A Family Swim was third with 22% and Kestrel was fourth with 11%.  By design, Stealth Flyers flew under the radar and received no votes.   Read more