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2011 Photos of the Year – Landscapes

A close contest for your favorite bird photosInto the Light and Bobwhite tied for top honors, each with 28% of the votes,  A Family Swim was third with 22% and Kestrel was fourth with 11%.  By design, Stealth Flyers flew under the radar and received no votes.   Read more

The Fog Factor

A half-filled or half-empty glass?   It’s all a matter of one’s perspective.    “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” defines the economics for Saturday morning yard or garage sales.   Similarly, many autumn mornings in the mountains offers nature’s version of a garage sale where  “one person’s cloud is another person’s fog”.   From a nature photographer’s perspective, clouds often add personality to a bland sky and fog can be used to add mysticism, depth or dynamism to 2D images.  In combination with nature’s box of crayons, it helps create some magical autumn mornings.   Read more

Viva Valle Crucis

Approximately seven miles northeast (as the crow files) or twelve miles on a narrow, winding mountain road (30 minute drive) from Blowing Rock lies the unincorporated community of Valle Crucis, North Carolina.   Its Latin name “Vale of the Cross” was a reference to the convergence of three streams in the valley similar to a cross.   Archaeologists have found evidence of 10,000 years of human presence in the valley.   Although the first recorded land sale in the area was in the 1700’s, it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s before substantial settlement occurred.

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The Hills are Alive

I’ve always said that the ideal retirement location is one where everyone goes on vacation, that way I’d be guaranteed some visitors.   If you are a photography addict and retiring in North Carolina, it’s got to be with the steamy coast or high in the mountains.  While a week’s long vacation on the NC coast is enjoyable, the photo opportunities of just sand, surf and seabirds probably soon becomes stifling.  Meanwhile the mountains offer diversity with the changing seasons, topography, forests, wildflowers, wildlife and especially the constantly changing lighting and weather conditions.

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