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A picture might be worth a thousand words but Shenandoah is one of those one-word places worth a thousand pictures.     Read more

Nature’s Deck of Cards

The beginning of deer season was always a big event in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.  White-tailed deer were plentiful around home probably because of the acres of lush alfalfa and cauliflower fields on our farm.  I’ll never forget the start of deer season when I was a college freshman.  I just had to get home for the start of hunting season so after my Saturday morning calculus class (yes, Saturday classes), I decided to hitchhike (yes, hitchhike) home from college on a very cold November afternoon.   Normally it was a three-hour plus drive but as it neared midnight and I was still fifty miles from home, I gave up my thumbing and called my father to come get me.    I remember that journey but not the opening day hunt which means that big buck most likely survived for another year. Read more