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Posts tagged ‘Bass Lake’

Spring on Bass Lake

Bass Lake, less than a mile from downtown Blowing Rock, is one of my favorite hiking and photo locations as every walk around the lake seems to be unique.   Read more

Is this Heaven? No, it’s Spring in the High Country!

Sorry, Shoeless Joe and Dyersville, Iowa with your Field of Dreams.  Yes, your summer with its acres of corn tassels blowing in the wind is an awesome sight but how about the other three seasons – Almost Winter, Real Winter and Still Winter?   Perhaps you need to visit North Carolina in the springtime to see the real heaven on earth.

Read more

2011 Photos of the Year – Landscapes

A close contest for your favorite bird photosInto the Light and Bobwhite tied for top honors, each with 28% of the votes,  A Family Swim was third with 22% and Kestrel was fourth with 11%.  By design, Stealth Flyers flew under the radar and received no votes.   Read more

2011 Photos of the Year – Birds

The elections over, the votes counted, and the results are now official.  I’m not referring to the recent GOP Clown Contest in Iowa.  Instead, it’s your votes for your favorite 2011 wildlife image. Read more