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The record snowfall during the winter of 2010-11 created a world of beauty and solitude as described in an earlier blog post, Winter in Yellowstone.    For Yellowstone’s wildlife it was a different story as it was a brutal time in a life and death fight for survival. Read more

Winter in Yellowstone

Almost 60F yesterday in Blowing Rock!  December and January are history and now it’s February with a recurring question – When is winter coming?   Read more

2011 Photos of the Year – Landscapes

A close contest for your favorite bird photosInto the Light and Bobwhite tied for top honors, each with 28% of the votes,  A Family Swim was third with 22% and Kestrel was fourth with 11%.  By design, Stealth Flyers flew under the radar and received no votes.   Read more

2011 Photos of the Year – Wildlife

To summarize 2011, my next three posts will feature several of my favorites images of the year.  This post will include my favorite wildlife images, the second will feature bird images and the last will be my favorite landscape images of 2011.

Read more