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Posts from the ‘ecology’ Category

It Takes a Village

An eight-day boat ride on the Amazon River deep into the Peruvian rain forest- are you crazy?  What about those poisonous vipers, deadly caimans (alligators) or unfriendly natives?    Read more

“Sorry, You Can’t Get There from Here”

A favorite “Down East “ Maine saying to lost tourist seeking driving directions is “You can’t get there from here.”  If you’ve ever driven the zig-zag Maine coast, it seems a true statement. Read more

The Rages of Paine

Backpacker Magazine has described Torres Del Paine as “….a whole new gauge for the best view you’ve ever seen.   Read more

From Glaciers to Geysers

In the next several blog posts, I’ll provide some highlights of a recent eighteen-day trip to the Patagonia and Atacama Desert regions of South America.   Read more