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Posts from the ‘Chile’ Category

The 0.06% Club

“Twelve significant photographs in any year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams, Nature photographer extraordinaire. Read more

Gigantic, Gushing Geysers (…well, almost)!

If you remember, the first blog post on a recent trip to South America was entitled From Glaciers to Geysers. Read more

Atacama: You Can’t Get There from Here!

The next time someone asks you for the directions to somewhere, just tell them, “Sorry, you can’t get there from here” and watch their surprised reaction.   Read more

Mountains in the Sky

What a great description of Patagonia!  Mt. Fitzroy , his elusive neighbor, Cerro Torre, and the entire Paine massif did their very best to hide their towering peaks in the sky. Read more